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Bob V Fragrances by Scentsy

Certified Consultant

(314) 319-1826

My Story

I have been in candle/fragrance direct sales for years. "The big 'S' (Scentsy)" has always been the standard to beat! Scentsy has grown from a wax and warmers company to a one-stop-shop for home, personal care, office, and vehicles fragrance megastore! So, "rather than trying to 'beat' them, I joined them."

Fragrance has a profound effect on people. It can bring you peace and tranquility or it can energize and motivate you! Some say there are physical benefits to the use of therapeutic fragrances.

In any event, I am proud to be a member of the Scentsy family, providing you, your families and friends with an AWESOME collection of AWESOME fragrance products!

Let me be your "Scentsy Mister," your "Scentsy Man!"

Bob Vermoilen

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